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Specialist Timber and Damp Survey

A Specialist Timber and Damp Survey is usually associated with the buying or selling of a property.

If signs of dampness (rising/penetrative) or timber decay (woodboring beetle/dry/wet rot) have been identified in the Home Buyer report, a recommendation will be made that the buyer or seller should obtain a Specialist Timber and Damp Survey to be carried out by a member of the Property Care Association.

Thanet Timber and Damp Ltd are full members of the Property Care Association.

Our surveys are carried out by a fully qualified surveyor (C.S.R.T) registered with the Property Care Association (PCA) and in accordance with the PCA code of practice.

Specialist Timber and Damp Survey

Why is the Property Care Association so important?

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The Property Care Association (which also incorporates the British Wood Preservation Association) was set up to assure homebuyers and owners that any company on their register has the necessary skills to carry out any timber, damp and flooding remedial work.

Every contractor, consultant or independent surveyor registered with the PCA has their credentials and skills checked and undergoes in depth training to ensure the service they deliver, as well as the products they use, are of the highest standard.

Rigorous audits are carried out by the PCA regularly the ensure these standards are continuously delivered by their members.

For more information please click on this link: property-care.org

The PCA Code of Practise meets the requirements of Banks, Building Societies, Equity release specialist and mortgages lenders.

What is in the report?

Our qualified C.S.R.T surveyor will use his experience to survey the exterior of the property noting any building defects that may contribute to damp ingress within the property or that may lead to the formation of dry/wet rot or woodboring beetle infestation.

The interior of the property is surveyed usually commencing with the roof void to establish that the timbers are free from rot or woodboring beetle infestation.

First floor

Inspection of external walls for penetrative dampness and if possible, inspection to sub floor timbers although that is not always possible due to fitted / fixed flooring.

-Ground floor

Inspection of external walls, obtaining sample damp meter readings, noting areas of damp plaster, rising damp issues and other areas of potential damp problems. Any deflection to floor areas (timber suspended) will be noted.

Conditions where floor timbers may be at risk will be noted.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive listing of survey items; there may well be other observations included but it is intended to give ‘a flavour’ of what might be expected to be included in a typical timber and damp survey report.

Where necessary, visuals of damp meter readings will be taken and inserted into the report.

A survey report will be prepared and emailed or posted to the client together with recommendations for treatment where required.

We regularly submit timber and damp surveys reports to lenders and you can be assured that our surveys are comprehensive and presented in a well-structured and easy to understand format and most importantly are accepted by the lenders.

What is in the report?

How long does a survey take?

This is determined by several factors, including the type of damp that is prevalent, the size of the property, and the severity of the issues discovered, including faulty guttering or other signs of water damage.

Cost of a survey

We charge a fee of £80 excluding VAT for our surveys. This covers the costs of our Qualified Surveyor visiting you, transport, admin and fixed costs.

When can we expect to receive the survey report?

Usually within 3 working days following the survey.

Booking a survey

  1. Contact Thanet Timber and Damp Ltd either via email (enquirires@ttdamp.com) or by phone 01843 280812
  2. We will confirm the enquiry and arrange date/time to undertake the survey.
  3. Following completion of survey, we will produce a report which can be emailed or sent to you by post as required.

Surveyor Competence Certificate

The certificate is a confirmation that your Timber and Damp survey has been carried out by a qualified C.S.R.T remedial works surveyor.

As such you can be assured that the findings are properly assessed and that if the instruction is for a Timber and Damp report, it will be accepted by the lender.

The certificate can be issued on request.

Click here to view a copy of the Surveyor Competence Certificate.

Areas We Cover

We cover the whole of Thanet towns and surrounding areas:

  • Herne Bay
  • Birchington
  • Margate
  • Broadstairs
  • Ramsgate
  • Minster
  • Sandwich
  • Wingham